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I’m a school principal at State Road Elementary in the School District of La Crosse in Wisconsin.  I’ve been a school administrator at the elementary level since 2001, and before that I was an elementary classroom teacher in New Mexico and then Illinois.  I have a talented and beautiful wife and two great kids (ages 14 and 10) who are also in the La Crosse District.

I love reading about education policy, politics that effect education, deep thinkers on education reform, and ways educators use technology to collaborate with one another. I also enjoy interacting with other educators and education allies about the profession and how we can make it a better system for all kids. Please drop me a tweet or email and I’ll chat back!

I am a PhD student in the University of Kentucky’s Educational Leadership program, with an emphasis on school technology leadership. I have finished all my doctoral coursework and am now (Fall 2016) working on my qualifying exams. Once I have successfully completed that (fingers crossed), my dissertation interest is in the area of how public schools in Wisconsin address student data privacy in their board policies.

The “I know this much is true” title for my blog is taken from the Wally Lamb book of the same title. It’s a great book about family history and the close and complicated relationships between brothers (I have two brothers myself). The title also captures what I try to share here. I’m not trying to be the expert on anything, just sharing my experiences and thoughts from the world of education.

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8 thoughts on “About Curt Rees

  1. So I have a question-have you ever interviewed the same person four times for different positions and not hired them. I am in this situation waiting to hear back from interview on Monday with same school fourth interview.

  2. Chrisse–Yes, I have interviewed the same person several times. It was all a matter of finding the right fit between our candidates and the team. In our district we don’t do “courtesy interviews” and only interview people we would hire. I would imagine it is frustrating to interview so many times and not land the job. Good luck!

  3. @Wendy–It just depends on the district. We notify unsuccessful candidates after our candidate of choice is approved by the Board.

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  7. Sorry to ask this here, but I couldn’t find a contact email or form…if one wanted to send you a press release or pitch that one thought you might be interested in, where would one send that? 🙂

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