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School culture from Gruenert & Whitaker

Photo credit to the fantastic Nerissa Raschelle.

This slide is from my presentation on school culture that I facilitated at the IntegratED conference in Portland, OR in February 2015. My presentation had dozens of slides, but this quote seemed to strike a nerve with many of the attendees and those following along on Twitter. This comes from the book School Culture Rewired: How to Define, Assess, and Transform It by Steve Gruenert and Todd Whitaker. It is a terrific read that is full of useful organizational research and theory, in addition to practical steps on how to make sure your school culture is a healthy place for students, staff, and parents.

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Device Deployment: US DOE Office of Ed Tech’s Tech Tuesday chat

I was happy to join Katrina Stevens, Andrew Marcinek, Adina Sullivan, and Shawn Hinger for chat about getting tech devices into the hands of students and teachers. I like the format that the USDOE Ed Tech crew is using for these conversations. It isn’t a panel of experts laying out a complicated plan for tech use. It’s a conversation among practicing professionals about their experience with what works and what doesn’t.

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Learning Space Design at #iPDX15

Here are the resources from my session on learning space design for the IntegratED conference in Portland, OR on February 26, 2015.

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School Culture at #ipdx15

Here are the slides for my session on understanding and strengthening school culture

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Dean Shareski on Techlandia

Dean Shareski was the latest guest on the Techlandia vidcast/podcast. Instead of his usual talks about passion, joy, and silliness, he gets into the things that bother him. It’s not a gripefest, but more of an Andy Rooney type rant that will make you think and question your own beliefs on the topic.

This episode was hosted by Jon Samuelson, Karl Lindgren Streicher, and Victoria Olson.

Find other episodes of Techlandia on Podomatic.

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Techlandia with Shawn White

The last Techlandia of the Jon, Alison, and Curt show. It will live on, but just in a different form.

Shawn White is a fantastic dad, husband, and educator.

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The Evolution of Learning Technologies

HT to Maria Onzain for this remarkable timeline.

Make sure you click into the static image below to see the timeline on its native site. The scrolling feature is great.

The Evolution of Learning Technologies
The Evolution of Learning Technologies | Open Colleges

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This looks like a worthy project from EdWeek. It takes place on January 7, so join in if you are a school principal or share this link with the principal at your school. Being a school principal is a demanding and rewarding job, so let’s take some time to share all that we do. Post your photos to Twitter or Instagram with the tag #aprincipalsday on January 7.


Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 9.32.19 PM

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Construction and Coding

Yes, I’m biased, but there are some outstanding things happening at Northern Hills School.

Hats off to the amazing Crystal Brunelle.

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Bro talk about research

I’m happy to share a recent interview my brother Carter Rees did for BYU Radio. He explains his research about the influence of adolescent peers.

His interview starts at approximately 29 minutes.

Carter is an assistant professor in the sociology department at Brigham Young University. He’s a big shot academic and network research guru, but Mom still believes me more about the “house party incident of 1990.”


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