Leadership needed: Avoid new tech with outdated teaching practices

When a school leader neglects to allocate sufficient professional development time for newly-purchased classroom technologies, that’s not poor technology leadership, that’s just poor leadership.

The quote above is from Dr. Scott McLeod in this post about the difference between poor technology leadership and poor leadership in general. In short, rarely is there a difference.

I see many school districts around the country spending a lot of money on devices to be put into the hands of their students and staff. I don’t think this is a bad thing at all, but I sure hope that there is adequate training provided to make sure these devices make a positive difference for learning. The shiny gadgets alone don’t transform how your staff and students learn. As school leaders, we need to ensure that we provide effective and ongoing professional development when implementing and integrating new resources and tools.

Is your tech integration plan working? Do you have a plan?

Dr. McLeod also shares some good questions to consider here. Be sure to read the comments on his post as well.

Dr. Nick Sauers provides important steps for leaders (admins and teacher leaders) to follow when implementing 1:1 initiatives in this post. Nick makes a great point in saying “As you read this list, you may rec­og­nize that many of these things aren’t unique to a 1:1 ini­tia­tive. Many of these rec­om­men­da­tions are sim­ply good lead­er­ship! How­ever, they are over­looked way too often.”

I wish I could give credit to the Twitter user who posted the photo below, but I grabbed the image and not the sharer. (Maybe it was Tanya Avrith?) I found it last Sunday during #caedchat. There are some sharp educators in that chat, so join them Sunday nights at 8 p.m. PST and learn a lot.

One thought on “Leadership needed: Avoid new tech with outdated teaching practices

  1. Hey Pal,

    First, here’s to hoping you are well and happy. Second, I love the new header picture in your blog. Looks cool and gives your blog personality.

    Finally, isn’t it amazing that we keep having to remind people that shiny iGadgets don’t change learning spaces — TEACHERS do? It seems like the collective we — meaning the heaping cheeseload of us who have been writing about change for the better part of a decade — have been saying this forever.

    And yet there are STILL TONS of leaders who haven’t gotten the message and TONS of wasted cash being spent on change initiatives that won’t change a durned thing.

    Drives me nuts.

    Anyway…thanks for making me think this morning…

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