11 Ways to Avoid Burnout and Reinvigorate Your Creativity

11 Ways to Avoid Burnout and Reinvigorate Your Creativity.

(Just sharing from a post from a blog I’ve recently started following.)

Especially in schools, we see burnout (just the temporary kind) from students and staff several times per year. Seems like winter break and spring break take place a few days after many of us in school have hit our low in energy and patience.

I especially like tip #2, which is “strategic procrastination.” There are some tasks I’m just not mentally ready for, so rather than do nothing at all, it’s important to intentionally put off a task and focus on another. Don’t put them off indefinitely. Make sure you follow your GTD principles and schedule when you will get back to it. Don’t waste mental energy on worrying about when that task will get done. Put it on the calendar, and focus that energy on the task at hand. By the time you get back to the delayed job, you may find some renewed energy for it.

I also follow tip #5, “change of scenery,” many times in the course of a week. If I have some mundane work to do on my computer, rather than sitting in my office, I’ll take my laptop to the happy hustle and bustle of our school library. I also like taking some of this work to one of the classrooms in the school. There are several teachers in my building who I’m comfortable saying to, “Mind if I just park it at your back table? I’m not here to evaluate, I just have some computer work to do and am tired of being in my office.”

It’s a great post, please give it a read.

11 Ways to Avoid Burnout and Reinvigorate Your Creativity.

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