More Minecraft on my mind

“Platforms like Minecraft are a Trojan horse for explosive learning.” Benjamin Nason (who attributes those thoughts to this Edutopia video)

Just like my own children and my students at school, I have Minecraft on the brain lately. Here are a couple of videos on using Minecraft in the classroom. Both are from the PBS Idea Channel. (HT to Ben Wilkoff for these videos.)

The first is a quick explanation video featuring founder Joel Levin. He shares how he uses Minecraft to teach a variety of topics (graphing, history, digital citizenship, etc.) in schools. In this video, Levin states, “I have never had such access to the brains of these children and it’s been really rewarding for me professionally.” He’s got my attention.

Find more Minecraft thoughts from Joel at his Tumblr. From his blog, I found this crazy detailed account of an educator who set up Minecraft in one of the school labs. If you love #deepgeekspeak, there’s gold in this post for you.

The second clip goes into how customizable Minecraft is for meeting the needs of a variety of topics and students.

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