Silent Shout – A simple and meaningful tech project for your school

If you’re an occasional follower of this blog, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of YouTube and the many ways in which it can be used in school. Video and music enable great story telling and also help evoke emotions (especially positive ones) in your viewers. The following video was created by Kevin Bonnar, who teaches 2nd grade in my school district. All was filmed and edited on an iPad.

Why I like this project:

  1. It tells a positive story about the class/school. People are always telling stories about your school– you should too. If you were a parent of one of these students, what does this tell you about this class? If you were a family relocating to an area and were school shopping, how would this video make you feel about the culture of the school?
  2. This is a simple project, but looks fantastic. If you are a tech-lover like Kevin, but want to help others find success with tech, help them take this on.
  3. A project like this can be adapted to fit so many curricular areas in school.  
  4. Kids love to see themselves in photos and videos.  It’s fun, makes them feel important, and can increase their engagement in school.
If you do watch this video, please leave a comment at YouTube for Kevin and his students.  It feels great to receive a compliment, but so does giving one!!

One thought on “Silent Shout – A simple and meaningful tech project for your school

  1. Great job Onalaska, WI 2nd graders and Mr. Bonnar! Love seeing all the different learning personalities come through the student’s written voice!

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