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I like to add some humor and a different perspective to meetings whenever possible with school staff. We have so many meetings in education, so we might as well make them informative, entertaining, and bring in humor whenever possible and appropriate. I put up this post of videos in January, and as I’m getting ready to give my back to school address to my own staff, I found or was led to several more that can make a point with staff.

This one was shared with me by Dave Meister, a top-notch principal in Paris, IL. It is mostly entertaining, but I think it makes a great point about being a role model to students and staff when things aren’t going your way.

Shawn White shared this one with me. Sometimes we get so used to our routines and practices we stop thinking about the possibility of even doing something in a new way. You’ll never peel a banana the same way again.

Here is another video that can make a point about changing routines, but also about inconsiderate bosses who make change just for change’s sake. I absolutely love the movie Office Space, so I am glad that I can use a clip from that film in this post. Seriously, if you haven’t seen Office Space, please do so. Educators who get inundated with nit-picky paperwork (Special Ed folks?) will love the references to TPS reports. Anyone who has ever battled a copy machine, fax machine, or printer will also enjoy one scene in particular.

Our job as educators is to give people skills and abilities to take care of themselves in the world. This poor soul missed out on spelling and problem-solving skills.

This next clip from Career Builder can be used if you have a good climate in your building. I could see using this to make a point about looking out for one another and helping each other out when we are seeming to be under the burden of our jobs. I first saw this while at a Solution Tree conference in Minneapolis earlier this month. Thanks to Ken Williams for sharing it.

Another one I saw at the Solution Tree conference was shared by Dr. Bob Eaker. He is a fantastic person and speaker, so if you ever see him at a conference in your area, GO! He was talking about how teachers change lives and often rescue students from troubles in life. This clip certainly fits in with that message.

Please use these to add some humor and energy to your next meeting or presentation. Your audience will appreciate it. If you have others to share, please leave a comment here or find me on Twitter, @WiscPrincipal.

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