Remaking education in the image of our desires

This post by George Siemens is some good reading for you this weekend.  I love the quote below, but do read the whole thing.


The internet has already transformed music, news, entertainment, and business. Education is trailing those sectors, but not for long. Online learning has grown consistently over the last decade. Judging from current hype and interest, blended/online learning is about to explode.

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Just had this conversation this morning… Remember when your banking only took place at the bank, when your bank decided to be open? (Never hear anyone even use the term “banker’s hours” anymore.) When and where do you do take care of your money needs now? I don’t foresee a drive up window at your local elementary school in the near future, but time and location for education is likely to drastically change. There certainly is a lot of uncertainty in education right now, but it is exciting. Some may see it as a dismantling of a fine American institution, but maybe we should look at it as a needed rebuilding.

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  1. Another thoughtful post, thanks George.

    Something I need to keep reminding myself when discussing the overlap of business and education is that we’re talking about moving targets. At the same time education is transforming to be more student-centered, business is also transforming (slowly) to be more human-centered.

    Yes, many businesses still exploit markets with offerings that provide more profit than value but we shouldn’t be surprised. Business people, like most people, still really care only for themselves and their families. But people are constantly growing in their ability to care about the world.

    People and the businesses they operate are now beginning to take more collaborative, world-centric and, by extension, long term views of what’s good for the world and business. Very hopeful initiatives like Creating Shared Value and Systemic Innovation are creeping into business discussions.

    So let’s seek out, celebrate and do business with people nurturing such enlightened business models, and try not get stuck on the static view of how some companies do business today.


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