When life is like a bowl of pudding

Ever get to that point where life is like pudding? Pleasant, palatable, but not necessarily memorable? Me too. I’m not going to go Dr. Phil on you and tell you what to do about that. You got yourself stuck, so it’s your job to figure out how to turn it around. However, if you already have that itch to get moving on something, these vids might help you lift a foot in the right direction. The best advice I ever got from my dad was, “You know, I don’t know, but you better do something.” (Pops is still alive and well, but this was the best nugget he’s shared with us.)

Make it Count — Love this video’s message about doing something interesting. If your life is boring, do something about it. (I know this video is a corporate-backed, slickly produced marketing tool, but I still like it.) A local friend here in La Crosse, WI (Fred Kusch) shares a similar sentiment. “Either you do, or you don’t. If you don’t, shut up.”

Inspiration: Powerful Beyond Measure (How great are you?) — Physical pain never looked so enjoyable. Hat tip to Spike Cook for this vid. Also Adam Truitt could complete this course in loafers without breaking a sweat. Seriously. The guy single-handedly defends the Western half of Colorado from invaders.

The coup de grace of “get off your rump” videos is this beaut from Ze Frank. The message is outstanding, but quotes from LL Cool J and references to shark jumping make it pure gold. Hat tip to the man who never stops questioning and wondering, the notorious John Pederson. Warning on in your face NSFW language.
An Invocation for Beginnings

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