Digital Learning Day — My “new thing” is Ustream

Digital Learning Day is February 1 and my challenge to my staff (who are quite techy to begin with) was to try something new in terms of technology and collaboration for DLD. Was trying to think of what my own “new thing” was going to be and then got a good idea from Terri Harrings who just began to use Ustream to do video announcements at her school. Just signed up for an account tonight and will see how it goes tomorrow. In case you wanted to watch the magic (carnage?) happen, here is our school’s Ustream channel:

UPDATE: All went will with no issues other than some audio echo in a few classrooms. We didn’t shift any paradigms or discover new technological frontiers, but the kids (anchors and audience) were so excited and engaged to try this new approach to communicating our news and announcements. Within minutes of doing the broadcast, I had two teachers ask, “I wonder how I might use this with my students?” I love how new learning tools can lead one to good questions, regardless of what the answers may be.

Live broadcasting by Ustream

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