Double rainbow guy and assessment data

The Double Rainbow guy is one of my YouTube favorites. Love how he goes from euphoria quickly to deep introspective wonder. We used this vid today during our staff meeting as a humorous intro to the topic of discussing all the assessment data we harvest. We have all this data and it’s very interesting, but what does it all mean? The whole video is very funny, but we only used the first 1:20 to make our point.

To make the segue from Double Rainbow guy to actual school application, my friend and 2nd grade teacher, Chris, acted out the scene below. Credit to him, he did this in one take! After watching these two videos, we then looked at all of our assessment data and brainstormed various ways to look at it and make good decisions about how to help individual kids, in addition to looking at our universal instructional practices.

This post was originally put up on January 4, 2012, but on September 19, 2013 I got the following tweet from Bear Vazquez who is the creator of the original Double Rainbow video. I love the internet.

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