Good humorous videos for staff meetings

Need a great short video to start a meeting or workshop? I’ve seen or used all of these and still get a kick out of watching them. If you have other videos, please leave a comment or find me at Twitter and I’ll put them in another post.

[Since I originally posted this, I’ve added several other videos in another post. Find those here.]

(If YouTube is blocked at your meeting site, or you are worried about a slow internet connection, download these videos by using

Introducing the book: This clip is great for breaking the ice when talking about change or about tech issues.

Everything’s amazing and no one’s happy: Louis CK talks about how people aren’t necessarily appreciative of all that we have in the world. Great lesson for just feeling satisfied with the present.

German Coast Guard: Love this one for making a point about good communication.

Leadership lessons from dancing guy: This is a perfect way to talk about leaders and the importance of first followers. Your staff will be talking about “lone nuts” for a long time.

Stuck on an escalator: Perfect to use when getting ready to try and solve a problem that is yours alone to fix.

Thanks to @mwaiksnis for the reminder on Seinfeld teaching history.

5 thoughts on “Good humorous videos for staff meetings

  1. Curt,

    Thanks for the reminder about these videos. I wanted to find one with Darth Vader or even leggo men, but this is funny.



  2. Efrain,

    I’m sure there are education lessons based on Star Wars. I need to get on that and use them myself!!

    Thanks for stopping by,


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  4. Thank you so much for these videos! I have seen most of them, but I really appreciate the fact that you put them all together! Have a great year!

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