Twitter Presentation for WI Principals Association

On October 27 I joined Jay Posick (@posickj) and Jessica Johnson (@PrincipalJ) in a presentation at the state conference for Wisconsin principals (AWSA=Association of Wisconsin School Administrators). The three of us are all principals in Wisconsin who met through Twitter and really appreciate the connectivity of it. It’s a great resource for us and wanted to help other school leaders in our state have a chance to see what it could do for them. Our presentation is below.

We had a decent turnout for our session (about 25 attendees) and had enough time during our session to let people create an account and actually get started using it. Just like any classroom, some attendees took to it right away with success, some needed a little intervention, and some just looked plain overwhelmed.

I’m happy to share the original Keynote file with you if you’d like to change it to meet the needs of your audience. Just connect with me on Twitter (@wiscprincipal) or email (