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Which is better? Conventional sex toys or battery-powered sex toys?

January 6, 2019

We all are conditioned by the human evolutionary process to build relationships for recreation and growth. We all try our best to fulfill the basic need for love, pleasure, and happiness. This pursuit of happiness finds a way through physical intimacy. It has been proven scientifically that sex is one of the best ways to boost happiness in life. But, the unfortunate reality of modern-day life is that we all struggle to find enough time to make intimate and passionate love.

Even if you manage to get some time, it is tough to find optimum motivation and stimulus to have a passionate moment with a partner. We all face a drop in the frequency of quality sex, and one of the biggest reasons is the lack of natural stimulation. Thanks to the technological advancements made in recent years in the design of sex toys. Now, we have a vast number of options of sex toys to self stimulate and build the momentum to have a passionate moment. If you’re a woman, you should know these self-stimulation tips.

Why should you opt for sex toys?

Some changes like increasing age, work-related stress & tension, day-to-day schedule, and changing approaches are inevitable. You simply cannot complain to make it worse. The best is to have a positive approach and find a solution to bring that warmth and heat in the relationship. One of the best possible tools to try some suitable sex toys to drive passion and enjoy your moment with a partner.

It has been proven scientifically that orgasms release oxytocin– anti-stress hormone- that helps you de-stress quickly. Some researches suggest sex activity boosts the production endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin, known as happiness hormones, resulting in a better mood, sleep and of course the appearance. You are naturally equipped and wired to seek pleasure through sex and be in a good mood to lead a life with passion and confidence.

We all are slaves of situations and circumstances. It might not be possible to seek pleasure through a partner, every time. You can self stimulate your body manually or through sex toys to trigger all hormones and reclaim better physical and mental health. The best thing about sex toys is that it allows you to explore your own body and prepare better for a passionate moment with a partner. All major surveys conducted on relationship and sex suggest the strength and bond of a relationship depends on the quality of sex. It has been found that if you prepare yourself in advance using sex toys the relationship lasts longer than average as you drive maximum passion.

Now, you have several types of well-designed sex toys to stimulate specific parts of your organ. Depending on your taste and need, you can buy sex toys for oral and clitoral stimulation using the natural vibration and friction mechanism. Apart from the organ-specific usage, you have several options of sex accessories to boost mood for maximum pleasure. If you are concerned about the effectiveness of conventional and battery-powered sex toys, you should focus on the ultimate goal of passion, stimulation and hormone release to boost mood. Whether it comes from conventional or battery-run sex toys, doesn’t matter much. It is just a technological advancement to make it more user-friendly. Some of the toys can be handled remotely also to build an amazing mood for passionate sex. Here are some tips to help you decide better.

Type of Sex Toys

It is a well-established fact that pleasure and intimacy during sex depend on the level of passionate engagement with your partner. Sex toys, whether conventional or batter-run automated, helps you prepare better for maximum engagement. The use of sex toys sends a strong signal to your partner and helps build excitement. You will have far longer foreplay and maximum adrenaline rush at the right moment to have maximum thrill and depth during the climax.

Sex toys give you the flexibility and freedom to stimulate yourself even in the absence of your partner. By the time he comes to hug, you are already on fire to push him to the bedroom. You can use cock rings, G-Spot, prostate stimulator, and clitoral stimulator to build the climax. Here are some popular categories of sex toys available in the market to meet your requirement:


This sex toy is one of the most popular as it helps break the sexual boundary. This is one of the oldest sex toys that give the real pleasure of penetration. Now, modern dildos come with battery-powered vibration to create extreme passion. You have control over the speed of vibration through a motor control switch. You know your organ, so pay special attention to shape, length, and width of dildos while shopping. It is better to get a combo pack so that you could get some varieties in terms of size. Be gentle in using it, as extreme pleasure could make it painful. For better pleasure try curved dildos as this touches your clit and G-spot more elegantly. Be careful about the quality of material used in the making of the dildos.

Interested in making your own dildo? Read this article from Let’s Talk Sex.


If you go by the popularity of sex toys, then vibrators are at the top of the chart. The core concept is to stimulate sensation through friction. Battery-powered vibrators create amazing sensations and trigger organ response for maximum pleasure. It is very simple to use and be ready for a passionate moment with a partner. By the time you come in touch with your partner, you are already at your peak to create maximum thrill with your partner. You can be a little creative and ask your partner to use vibrator caress your organ. If you are worried about overstimulation and sensation, you should keep your worry aside and maintain the balance.

Butt Plugs

If you want to add a little adventure in your bedroom, then you should try the butt plug. This silicone made plugs help you add some extra thrill in your sex life. It is good to break the monotony and go extra wild occasionally. Although there is no neurotic stimulator in your back entry, the struggle and engagement help you build the mood. However, prepare yourself better and use a good quality lubricant to avoid unnecessary pain.

Clitoral Massager

This is the ultimate mood booster. The gentle massage of clitoral using this sex toy is enough to trigger your sex mood. If you are feeling low about sex, use this device to recreate the mood and enjoy the moment with your partner. Vibrators are good for broader stimulation, but for targeted stimulation, you should try clitoral massager for maximum pleasure. If your partner is in a hurry and you still have the urge to get orgasmic maximum, you can use this device even afterward.

Anal Beads

This is a relatively new entrant in sex toy space but finding great traction among pleasure seekers. Technically same as a butt plug, designed differently to create the pop feeling. You have the flexibility to increase the bead size gradually. It is a great foreplay instrument and helps you get maximum pleasure while enjoying passionate sex with a partner.

Riding Crop

Sex isn’t just about penetration but the way to reach the stage of penetration. Most of the sex partners show deep dissatisfaction after sex because of the lack of foreplay and thrill. Riding crop could help you build that thrill so that you could enjoy the climax maximum. It is not just about G-spot only but external sensation. And this device gives control in the hands of your partner and make him more wild to explore deeper. The intense gameplay with spanking and flogging helps you get that extra dose of high pleasure during sex.

Benefits of Sex Toys

Physical intimacy is all about fulfilling the bodily need of an orgasmic climax. It is a fact that there is no universally similar trigger and this search of clues is endless exercise. This is what makes you unique. You can keep on spicing your sexual experience by using conventional as well as battery-powered sex toys. Anatomically and chemically we all are the same and strive to have some kind of experience. A good quality sex toy could help you bring that passion back in life as you know how to trigger your passion for maximum excitement during sex. The benefits of sex toys are endless but some very common benefits are:

Maximum sexual pleasure

It is a fact that your body gets easily accustomed to a new level of pleasure and you start looking for a new level of pleasure during sex. There is nothing wrong with having a desire to have more, but you need to prepare yourself to get that maximum pleasure. Sex toys could be of great help in achieving that new level of pleasure with your partner.

If your partner isn’t there to satiate your sexual urge, your sex toy could help you get the climax and feel relaxed. It helps you control your emotions as you manage to keep your hormones in control through self-stimulation. Once you are in the company of your partner, you can drive crazy by demanding more and more. You can feel the pleasure on his face.

Boost Sexual Performance

Your libido is driven by several factors. Your passion to have sex could dissipate quickly if there is an element of stress. Sex toys could be of great help in boosting your mood and spend precious time with a partner in the bedroom. It is very natural to see a drop in sex frequency and performance with age. Good sex toys, like vibrator, dildos or clitoris massager could be of great help in improving your performance in bed. You will hit the climax very smoothly and spend a lot of amount on foreplay.

The armory of sex toys could help you boost the mood of your partner, as it gives a strong clue about your preparedness. Sex toys help you explore your body in the virtual realm, and once you start playing in the real world you seek the same level of pleasure from your partner. Your demand will keep your partner in action for a longer period.

Strengthen Relationship

The quality vs. frequency debate isn’t new when it comes to sex. And there is no concrete answer as both the camps have their advantages that suit different situations. If you just started the exploration, then it is a frequency that dominates your mind but if you have vast experience of exploration, it is the quality of the sex that matters most. In either case, sex toys could be of great help in strengthening the relationship. Sex toys help you prepare better for quality sex as you create a perfect atmosphere for a precious moment. You try to break some age-related barriers by using modern toys and start the gameplay like a teenage.

Boost Health

It has been proven through scientific researches that healthy sex is highly beneficial for physical as well as mental health of humans. Quality sex helps you balance the flow of hormones in your body. These hormones help you de-stress and be in a perfect mood to enjoy life in a better manner. The feel-good hormones help you maintain metabolic balance. Some research suggests that sex helps you lose weight as you engage in highly intense physical activity which burns energy very effectively. Sex toys could be of great help in triggering desired chemicals and help you remain in better shape.

Disease Prevention

Sex toys are designed by anatomy experts to get the desired effect most naturally. The material used in the manufacturing of sex toys, whether conventional or battery-powered, is perfectly safe for human use. All you need to do is to maintain proper hygiene and enjoy maximum sexual pleasure without engaging with any partner. You keep yourself away from the chances of sexually transmitted diseases by using good quality toys.

Recent innovations in designing and technology integration have revolutionized the sex toy industry. Now, you have much safer and easy to use sex toys to get maximum pleasure. The battery-powered sex toys have multiple controls to get desired outcomes. Get some latest toys to explore your body in a better manner and get the orgasmic high to lead life more confidently.