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Personal Story: Video Call Sex kept us together while in a long-distance relationship

August 29, 2019

In this ever-increasing stressful environment, being in a relationship is hard. Moreover sustaining that relationship on good terms is harder. It is much harder in the case of a long-distance relationship. I have experienced this and was quite stressed out with that. I have been in a relationship which started in my city and then for further studies and work, it transferred into a long-distance relationship.

Matter of concern

Any relationship needs regular contact or regular meeting. To flourish it in a good way, you need understanding and attachment. Being in different cities or apart from each other cab make you crave for emotional and physical attachment. We should accept this fact that any relationship needs more than just emotional attachment.

Physical attachment plays a very important role in any relationship. I got it after experiencing it myself. Though it was that period when I and my girlfriend are apart due to studies and jobs. This is the scenario of most of the people who are in a long-distance relationship. Believe me the craving for being together and got to see your mate increases as you get apart.

This article is all about the one thing which kept us together and played a very important role in my relationship. Though it is cliché one should accept it. I understand this thing the hard way. Let’s dwell into my personal story about a thing which can save your long-distance relationship flourish. Speaking of which, you can read this article from Oprah to know some tips in making your relationship last.


This started way back when I was in college. I got into a relationship with a girl of my batch itself. Those days were quite awesome and we have enjoyed it to the fullest. We get to meet every day. We find it very amazing that the drive to meet every day don’t get blur. We were totally into each other. In other words, we were enjoying the good time of our relationship, where we share everything. Whether it is the thoughts or the lunch, everything was shared. Everything was going good for almost two and a half years, but then comes the placement season of our college.

She got placed in a city which was miles apart. The irony is that I also got a placement in a company which is distant from that city. Imagine that the planning for the meeting has taken much amount of time. On that day of placement, we were more than sad after getting placements. I remember that we almost discussed for the whole day about how we are going to sustain without each other. But the need for the job was also there.

We had been apart from each other. She went to the city where she has got a placement. I packed my bags and went for mine.

The initial days of separation were tolerable as we both were indulged in our new job. But after some days we were missing each other like hell. We used to talk for hours and got to know about each other. But the drive for personally meeting is on another level. It kept on increasing day by day. Though we were from the same city and got to meet each other there we were unable to spend much time together. The question of being in intimate is not available as we get to our home for such a brief time.

After much desperation and hardships there comes the technology as the saviour. We got our new smartphones which have ultimate features. We got to know about the video call. At first, we were indulged in only talking through a video call. The calmness provided at that time by just seeing her is on another level. I found it very satisfying to get a look at her daily.

When we were in a relationship we both have another level of drive for each other in both sense, whether it is emotional or physical. So when we were apart it got strong and we both crave each other. Eventually, that started a rift between us due to the frustration of not getting each other. Afterall physical intimacy plays a very important role in any relationship. We found it very disturbing to fight over mere things because of this.

Giving this a thought we decided to end it for once and for all. We acquired a path which was impossible without technology. We got into an agreement for video call sex. After trying normal phone sex we got ourselves into video call sex also. This was quite unusual for both of us, but the drive to keep our relationship intact enabled us to do that.

Experience of the first video call sex

So we have decided on the video call sex. I was super ready and anxious. Moreover, the sense of nervousness was there for the first time. We used one of the software which provides video call for interacting. The experience was pleasing. We both started with a normal talk about each other and our work environment. But after sometimes the conversation became intense. We both were anxious and were in jitters to try that.

Though we have tried sexting also the virtual experience of the expressions made that sensation strong. She started with dirty talks and remembering those situations when we were together. The things which I made her while foreplay, she reminded me of that. After a certain time, we both aroused.

The scenic beauty of her body made me quite aroused. We told each other to remove our clothes and those moments made us virtually feel each other.

After that experience of the first time, we get into this type of sex almost every day. We were both kinds of blown away. We accepted this as the alternative for our minimal meeting with each other. After that, the relationship between us got more stable, and I got more confident. I started to feel that this is a good way to feel each other. Though it was virtual it provided me with a sense of satisfaction. I got to know the same experience from her side.

Perks of video call sex in a long-distance relationship

From my experience, I found this video call sex very helpful for keeping your relationship intact. Moreover, it helps a lot to those who are in a long-distance relationship. With my experience, I deduced some of the benefits of opting for video call sex.

  • Keeping you connected

Only the text messages, gifts, and ultra-long conversations don’t help in maintaining the strength of any long-distance relationship. Though these are very useful, there is much more than sweet talks and gestures. There is a mandatory element of sex in every romantic relationship. Most of the people have sex drives which are quite massive. They need sex almost for 3-4 days in a week. Being able to video call sex can be a good way to sustain the need of intercourse.

  • Acts as a stress buster

There is a big question while being apart and that is the period. For how much time you are going to be apart from each other causes frustration and stress. The feeling which occurs due to the supposition of not having sex for a long time causes this. To keep this stress and frustration away every couple who is in long-distance should opt for this. There are numerous ways to explore new sex paths while being apart.

  • Sometimes it gives the same pleasure as being physical

When the video call sex is done right, it acts or gives much more pleasure than real intimacy.

Prior to video call sex, both companions should be in sync and comfortable. Both people need to be in front of cameras without any hesitation. A simple foreplay can generate enormous pleasure. Simply following your partner directions can give you the ultimate pleasure.

  • Being comfortable is the key

It is rather ok to sexting than being not comfortable while doing video call sex. It is very important to find a safe place for this where you both can feel safe and comfortable. This kind of sex needs dirty talk, great imagination, and detailed description comparative to the video sex.

  • Creativity at its best

Most of the times due to the ever-increasing stress and hassles in life, couples find it very hard to keep things interesting as well as being in a fresh relationship. In any type of sex interesting things are important, you cannot follow a typical way almost every day. The video call sex provides that freedom to try something new and refreshing. This acts as a great opportunity to explore things.

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Must try things while having video call sex

If you are also going through a hard phase in your long-distance relationship, then you should try these things while having video call sex.

  • Turn your lights off and if possible, lighten up some candles. You will feel more comfortable when excessive lights were not all around you.
  • If you are having difficulty in having initiated a conversation then just start with complimenting her. Give her compliments about her beauty and generously about her assets. This will ignite her senses and she will get super kinky. In this way, she will lead you to one of your best video call sex.
  • Making her wait to get a glimpse of your asset is necessary. Find that right time when she is on her arousal and wants to see your assets. Make her wait. Simply giving her what she wants will ruin all the dynamic composure. Tell her if she likes that too much then you will her wait.
  • In case you are being super desperate or shivering like hell, then move the camera apart. After getting in full control give her a glimpse of those body parts which you want her to touch. This will make this session of video sex interesting and sensuous.
  • Using some innovative tactics such as getting her a glimpse when you are masturbating or getting a bath passionately can arouse her in another way.

These are some of the ways which I tried in those days of my long-distance relationship. I find these very comfortable and sizzling. Now it’s your time to try these and adding something new in your relationship. Being in a relationship that evolves, you as a dynamic person is good. But when that relationship becomes a long-distance one, then it hurts. To keep yourself away from those frustrations these are the ways that will make your relationship a soothing one.

With the ways which provide an alternative for physical intimacy in long-distance relationship i.e. the video call, sex is helpful. This whole process needs companionship at its best. Before opting for this, both couples should be in sync so that they cannot feel awkward. Making yourself comfortable is key.

Parting details which make video call sex a great alternative

Though most of the people generally get frustrated about the stress of being apart from their mates. But video call sex can play a vital role in shedding those stress and frustration away. You both just have to keep yourselves in check. Trust is also important for this as there are several complaints of pornography after being able to video call sex. Especially the females should be aware of the dangers associated with this.

Being sure is more important than anything else, whether it is about your grounds or the faith on your mate. Something give pleasure for a brief time, but cause hassles in the long-run.

For me, it was very fruitful, though, for the time being, we are not together, but it made that period awesome and stress-free for both of us. The sense of being in a frustrating environment while being apart is long gone with the help of video call sex for me.

Give it a shot, it will surely do some wonder for your long-distance relationship also.