How is dating differently now that we are in a modern age?

March 8, 2019

With time, things around us change. The technology changes, the lifestyle of the people changes and so do their mentality. With these many changes, one major thing that has changed is the change in the pattern of dating. If we talk in simple terms, dating is the process when two people meet each other and try to know things about each other. If these dates go out well, they may or may not fall in love after these meetings. So, if we talk about practical life, there is a lot to say about dating and every one of us must have experienced something related to it at some point in time. If it didn’t happen to you, it might have happened to your friends.

However, some people don’t know things about dating in detail. So, if you too are one of them, here are some of the facts related to dating. We will talk about the changed scenario of dating from the past. We are also going to talk about the nature and types of it.

Types of dates in the modern age

Date for fun

There are a lot of people who don’t want to give their time to a particular person. In simple words, they are not ready for commitment. This date is for those people. There is not a specific place or platform where they will meet the one they are dating, but be it, anyone, they mention this thing on the first date only. In most cases, the other person too is of the same mentality. Thus, he or she won’t have a problem with this. It’s not that these people don’t want to marry or could not find any true love in their life, but they don’t want any relationship at a certain point.

This is legit and you will find a lot of people following this trend. When it started it was hype, but now it’s common. One of the easiest ways to find you a partner of this mentality is looking at people at dating apps.

Date for sex

This might sound weird, but this happens a lot and no country is left. People know about it and if the couple is mature enough, it is legal too. Normally, people with this intention meet on a dating app or various social media sites. There is no emotional attachment between the people who are meeting. This date could be because someone had a bad breakup. It is also possible if someone is not satisfied physically with his or her partner. Apart from that, it could just be a choice. So, the reasons may vary, but the intention remains the same.

Date for experiment

This is also a kind of date and those who are young, go on these dates. If someone is in his or her school and is entering the phase that we call adulthood can go on experimental data. Apart from that, some people are introvert and don’t talk to people that much. These people rarely go on dates, but at some point in time, they try this. The experimental dates are really fun. Some of these dates end with fruitful results. However, some of them end horribly. Some people come with a friend or a partner for life, while others come up just with a good or bad experience.

Date for love

Now, this is the type of date which is completely acceptable and is approved by everybody. There are a lot of types of this date. The first type could be the one where you like somebody and asks him or her out. In simple words, this means the date with your crush. Another type could be the one where someone has asked you out and you have said yes. This happens a lot of times with girls. There is also the intention is to find love, but without throwing the first move.

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These kinds of dates mostly end up in making the people fall in love with each other. There is no guarantee whether the relationship is going to stay or not, but they initially fall in love.

Date for marriage

Earlier, marriage was the ultimate goal of dating. Now, the scene has changed entirely. The marriage might be the ultimate goal of some dates, but not every couple ends up there. When we are talking about marriage dates, we will talk about the date that is arranged just for marriages. This could be of there types. The first and most common one is the date arranged by your family. You get a call from your family that a particular person has been chosen for you and you need to meet him or her. You go on a date.

The second type is meeting someone on a matrimonial site and then meeting him or her in person. The third type of data in this category is the one where you meet the person on a dating app and your conversation goes up to the level of marriage. So, according to a lot of people, this kind of dating is the most appropriate and legit one.

The extramarital affair

When we are talking about dates, we could not leave this type. There are a lot of people who have an extramarital affair. This who don’t know about it, the affair that starts after the marriage with some other person apart from a partner is called extramarital affair. A lot of divorce cases are filed just for this single reason. There could be a good or bad reason behind this. Some people are not satisfied with their partner at various levels and they start looking for someone else. Now, not every relationship, in this case, is for sex, some of them start just for the important emotional support in life.

How dating has changed over the years?

Now that we know about the kinds of dating, it is important to know how it has changed in recent times. Here are all the details related to it and if you have experienced it, you will feel relatable too.

No more family approved men

In the times, when we didn’t have a smartphone and the message was conveyed through letters, family assurance used to be the base of every date.

If a couple wanted to date each other, the boy needs to come to the family. They first need to impress the family members and should make a place in their hearts. If he gets success in this, the family would allow their girl to go with him. Sometimes, someone with the family too used to go with the boy and the girl. They had to return within that fixed period decided by the family.

The scene has changed completely today. People meet and decide what they want. They decide the time, date and the place they want to meet at. Their parents don’t even know about it. Also, the dates of the earlier times were meant to be turned into marriage. However, today the future of dates are decided by the couple and the situations that come in their lives.

Freedom is the essence

In the past, even if the boy and the girl were about to get engaged and married soon, they were not allowed to meet. If in some cases, they went out, there were a lot of restrictions upon them. There was a time constraint. Gifts that they exchanged was given after a lot of thought. Now a day, the figure has been changed completely.

People today go on dates and everyone knows about it. In big cities, even their parents know and don’t have any problem with that. So, freedom is the thing that is now and wasn’t then in the relationship.

Showing off in public

Earlier, people never come to know about the affairs. It used to be top secret. There used to be certain friends only who know about the relationship. Some people used to reveal their relationship in front of others, but people used to treat them as aliens and consider their relationship exclusive. Nowadays, no one feels shy in sharing about their relationship and talks freely about it. In some cases, this is even a thing to show off. In some cases, people even tell a lie about it, as this is your status symbol too.

A relationship without any stress

In earlier times, there used to be a few love marriages. People were not allowed to date. Even if they dated each other, there was a lot of pressure upon them. Some of them were just imposed upon them and some they follow as a social norm. This has changed in today’s dating scenario. The couples don’t feel any boundaries.

The couples back then used to think that sex before marriage is a sin. However, these days, intimacy is seen as the key to coming close to each other. So, it is changed for some good and some bad causes too. It depends on the couple that what kind of pattern they want to follow.

The technology game

When we talk about technology, we mean the internet and more social media sites. First of all, social media sites evolved very fast and worked like wonders in the life of a lot of people. Some found really good friends through these sites, while others even found their soulmates. Now, we could not compare it from the time in the past, as the internet does not exist back then.

The dating apps

The social media sites are not the sure-shot way of finding love, but the one reliable way to go for it are dating apps. Not only those who have used this knows about it, but every one of us has the idea. The reason behind it is its huge impact. Even if you have no one around you who uses a dating app, you can know about it through advertisement and other sources. If we talk about the nature of dating apps, then it depends on the type of date you want to go on. You need to write about your choices and other whereabouts and the app will match you with a person of your type.

We really can’t tell about the impact of this in the past, as we didn’t have it at that time.

The casual breakups

There was a time when the breakup used to mess the entire life of that person. It used to affect the entire lifestyle and the people around us to know the reason behind it. Probably, that was not the time of hookups and casual relationships. As the format of love has changed, the breakups and its aftereffects too have changed. With this, we don’t mean that all the millennials are into hookups and casual relationships, but a lot of cases are like this.

The breakups don’t affect so much as people nowdys have a backup plan for it. People today are more focused upon their careers and this too could be one of the reasons for breakups. After that, they don’t have the time to miss their ex-partners. We already told you that the people don’t hide their relationship with their parents, friends, family members and the whole society in general, so break up too is revealed in front of them. This does not make much difference now, but back then, if a breakup used to happen, it was a huge thing.

This looks like a lot of information on dating and it’s nature. We have mentioned all the related to dating in the sections above. Those who have experienced any bad or good thing in the past, this can help them in knowing the reason behind it. Apart from that, the person who doesn’t know about it at all will get a lot of information.