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Facebook dating just launched, is it worth it?

March 19, 2019

In the contagious era of social media, many of us are a part of using social sites and applications for various purposes. With a varying count of users on these social platforms, these platforms are intended to provide particular services. For instance, Facebook is a social gathering platform where people meet virtually with other people to establish and maintain connections.

This article is going to enclose an overview of dating service launched by Facebook recently. With all the features provided by this unique platform which is worth mentioning in this overview. Let us initiate with the basic understanding of dating terminology.

What does dating mean?

Dating is a stage of life which engages romantic relationship in humans whereby two people meet socially with the aim of each accessing the others sustainability as a prospective partner in an intimate relationship. It can be a form of partnership, consisting of social activities performed by the couple alone or with others. Over time, the variation in the set of rules with real-life practice in making a match for relationship has grown more from country to country.

Dating is not only limited to real-life meets with the hope of knowing about each other flaws to maintain any relationship. This dating terminology is mostly spread in many geographic regions worldwide. It is one of the most popular methods of finding mates for life.

With the wide usage of the internet in our daily life, we are getting attracted to various online websites and applications offering dating services in our locality. Many of the application or website intends to match the liking and disliking of their registered users. After the matching of the profile, there is a notification sent to an individual about finding their kind of match.

How the internet is involved in dating?

The internet is shaping the way of living new generations’ life to date. Facebook, WhatsApp, and other applications have made remote connections possible from every corner of the world. Facebook is a social platform that connects millions of people across the world. Now, it is helping them to hook up and potentially meet the love of their lives.

With the wide usage of the internet in our daily life, the internet has become a great source of income for many business associates. Facebook is one of them who let their user avail services from there. They are handling the details of their users in such a way that they can be used as a source of entertainment.

As we all know that there are numerous dating applications are available on the internet which is popular among the population of the world. The developers of Facebook also thought about adding some exquisite features for their users to gain more popularity and time on their application. This will increase the amount of time spent by any user as they will try to use the same service with a new perspective.

What is Facebook dating service?

With time passing by, we all have been through wide usage of social media sites such as Facebook. Nowadays, Facebook is not only limited to connect people or chatting. It has been upgraded frequently to maintain the number of its users. Facebook dating is one of the new services provided by the server-side of Facebook developers to maintain their existence in the market of technology.

The Facebook dating service incorporates the details of its users to access the tinge of enjoyment in life buy making connections. It is going to help people in finding a perfect match for themselves. This service is made up by an algorithm designed by Facebook developer which work on profile and utilizes these profile to make matches. These matches will be based upon a common interest, liking, and dislikings.

Facebook dating includes its secret crush feature which was announced in the year of 2019 named F8. There are numerous countries worldwide where the dating feature of Facebook is available.

Few of the countries that avail the service of dating from Facebook are United States, Argentina, Bolivia, Canada and many more.

As per the Facebook research, few services that are utilized by the users through independent profiles tend to find their matches. Many users are operating the main Facebook profiles for hookups and there is no concern about information or details that can be used to target the advertisements. For today’s world, there is no charge of this dating service imposed by Facebook upon its users but in the future, they could charge for the same services.

Working procedure of Facebook dating service

Numerous users are using Facebook. These users can create a dating profile, particularly in which I can select the information accordingly. Everything that will be mentioned in the profile will be from the user’s side perspective. It can be about their characteristic features including whether they want to share their perspective of dating with their mutual friends on the platform or not. We can be in the friend list and every action that is performed by friends such as if someone has blocked them can be notified.

The profiles on the service of dating on Facebook are initially created using the first names. Numerous options can be included by the users such as they can add their location, nationality, gender, and any other personal details. Even one can mention their family perspective such as their having children or not and various other information that can be common among other dating apps.

We can upload 9 photos in any individual profile, it is the limitation of image uploading as per the protocols. The algorithm created by Facebook for dating apps and displays the potential matches between its users who have created their profiles. The dating service given by Facebook seems identical to the other dating services, you can choose people who live nearly and match with them to share a relationship.

Feature of Facebook dating service

Being one of the most commonly used social media platform there are few uniquely define aspects of the user point of view. Within an extraordinary feature named as a secret crush, it is one of the most obvious features of Facebook dating.

  • This service provided by Facebook has a restriction of following age limit to handle the account. One who is above 18 years will only able to use this service of dating.
  • Facebook has designed an algorithm upon which this service is provided which extracts your account from the usual profile of the user with your acknowledgment. It means that we are going to possess a separate account for availing dating service.
  • We can scroll down the events and group section of the application services provided by Facebook dating. if you have joined the Facebook dating services then you will find an area where you can add secret crushes according to your interest.
  • In the secret crush segment, users can append lines friends from the whole friend list from Facebook or Instagram followers that may secretly admire and they will receive a notification. If you will add your secret crush once in the list they will receive a notification regarding your activity on their Facebook dating wall. The mutual users who are present on each other’s friend list can also receive notifications about matches and once they will acknowledge a match, they can begin messaging.
  • Facebook dating has some of the unique features that are worth mentioning sounds like safety and support.
  • The service having a new idea in the name is about sharing your plans for the future. It is a feature that makes it easier for people to share their locations in the case of thinking about getting together with someone.


This service of matchmaking is going to connect people more often. It can be used by anyone for making matches. It will help people to explore the new interaction between individuals. Everything we want in a partner can be found in the matches selected by Facebook for us.


There is no privacy concern upon this service. One can easily commit some cybercrime while availing matchmaking service. People will spend more time on being online to find matches. Fraudulent and emotional backstabbing can also take place at this place because people are going to use it widely. With less security and safety it can be the source of crime such as emotional trauma, cyber molestation and many more.

The matchmaking service provided by Facebook is not only going to bring old folks together perhaps it will help Facebook to gain more users. This new feature is going to be a bright feature which will let people enjoy their life. A new initiative from Facebook about dating and hook-ups will not break the trust of people as it is going to be popular very soon. With the basic vision of adding and maintaining the use of this social media platform, Facebook has launched its service of matchmaking. We have to accept this service as an up-gradation in the application of Facebook. We will suggest that be careful and cautious while using this kind of service on the Internet.