Are dating websites still alive with the rise of dating apps?

May 29, 2019

Dating means going out with someone to spend some time in particular, in other words, it means to be with the specified person. There’s a difference between dating and dating someone. Dating simply means meeting people casually to spend some time. On the other hand dating, someone is seeing someone in particular regularly and for a specific reason. Through the process of dating both people try to know each other and understand their relation. Commonly it is understood as when two people are involved in a romantic relation. In other words, it is the process where a couple explores each other and know each other better.

So nowadays with the advancement of society certain good social changes have occurred as a result of it. These include awareness of everyone’s freedom and respect for choices. Now at least except few areas people are free to make choices instead of decisions being imposed on a person just because of social control. Further, with the coming up of the internet things have changed more drastically. Such changes include dating websites as well as later dating apps.

Dating apps and websites have changed the perception of human beings in terms of relationships of marriage and love. The fame of dating apps is not only restricted to one particular zone in the world. Rather it can be seen widely all over the globe. Nowadays people find their true match through dating apps and websites. Earlier the usage of these websites and apps was not common but as of now, it is very common and frequent among all the people across the world. The best part if dating apps and websites are that you can just select the person whom you want to date as per your needs. All the qualities and the basic information are given in their profile, you just need to read and select the person, and see if he or she suits your requirements.

People often are confused with the terms of dating apps and dating websites. In general they think both are the same, but in reality, they both are two different things. However, both are online facilities or options that you can use to find a dating partner or life partner for you. Dating apps and dating websites are used both by men as well as by women commonly.

What are dating websites?

Dating websites are online or internet dating area. It is a platform basically where people come to meet and know other people. The main idea is to bring them together which is finding someone for themselves for an informal or personal relationship. These kinds of relationships include a goal to have a personal, romantic and sexual bonds. Here a person can search for his or her desired type partner and make the match. It has its benefits as people have a lot of choices. Then no one knows anyone and the website, this provides a platform to know each and develop a bonding. There is no pressure on anyone to be bound or committed to someone. Everybody has the freedom to choose their partner openly without any restrictions.

There are various kinds of dating websites that one can join over the internet. It depends upon the choice of the person. Some people make use of several dating websites at the same time. In other words, nowadays people create their accounts on more than one dating website to get their perfect match easily. As soon as they find their partner they start to date and they may leave their profile on the websites if they want or may continue with it, it all depends upon them.

Some of the examples of the very common and frequently used dating websites are as follows:

  • eHarmony
  • Match
  • Passion
  • Elite Singles
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Coffee Meets Bagel
  • Badoo
  • Lavalife
  • FirstMet
  • JDate, etc

Different dating websites have different kinds of categorisation like for example some of the websites specify as to what kinds of bond or relationship they promote. In other words, they specify their projections; it means that they would tell you that in this particular website people who are interested in serious relationships, romantic relationships, only casual dating, marital relationships, etc are available. It, therefore, becomes easier for the users to choose a partner as per their needs. If you would need someone to date casually for some time to discover them then it is better you go to such websites only and then choose your match.

What are dating apps?

Nowadays we see the emergence of a lot of dating apps. Here we just have to download the application and log in to the account. Later we have set our bio followed by setting a profile picture and adding all other additional details about ourselves. This is just a way to begin a talk with someone you find good for yourself leading to a romantic relationship if he/she wants it. This provides an opportunity for people to find their matches and know their choices. Here also people do not know anyone beforehand so we can say that to some extent people have no negative social controls over them. It also helps in a way that if some talks or situations do not work between couples then they can easily get over each other as they do not know each other much.

As there are various kinds of dating websites that you can join, similarly there are various kinds of dating apps that one can download on their phones and laptops and can use it accordingly. Some people us both dating apps as well as dating websites at the same time. Similar to dating websites you can create accounts on several dating apps at the same time and find a suitable partner for yourself. Also, it depends on your wish and sometimes your partner’s consent whether you want to leave the dating apps after you find someone for dating or you want to continue with it.

Some of the commonly used dating apps are as follows:

  • Tinder
  • OkCupid
  • Bumble
  • Hinge
  • Zoosk
  • League, etc

What precautions should one take while using a dating app or dating websites?

Dating websites and dating apps are online applications. So you do not get to see the person face to face until you decide to meet them. Many times there are chances of online scams; because such apps or websites are open for all. Therefore anybody can have access to it. Also, the details are filled in by the people who make their profile so they are free to write whatever they want to about themselves. However, if they are the same person as the state can not be judged online. So there could be fake details as well that should be very carefully checked.

Some of the basic preventive measures are listed below:

  • Report the dating apps or websites whenever you feel that the account of the person you are searching for is fake or false. They will verify it after the investigation.
  • Be smart when you talk to the person on such apps and websites. Ask their full names, belongingness, etc. In other words, try to find out as many details as you can so that you do not become a cheating victim.
  • Always check or verify the authenticity of the person before you get involved. You can also check and verify the fake or stolen photos using some apps to know if the person is real or fake.
  • Some people will bond with you very emotionally and may demand some money by depicting fake problems. Avoid all these conditions and possibilities.
  • Always seek the genuine third person’s advice for checking the authenticity of the person as they will not give you wrong opinions if they are genuine as they are not emotionally involved with the online partners that you choose so they will better judge the situation.
  • Avoid sharing your pieces of information related to your banking services and personal family life without meeting or at the initial levels of your dating.

Has dating apps taken over dating websites completely?

With the emergence of dating apps people have become more frequent and regular users of it and so the popularity of dating websites has decreased. However, some people use it to date. With dating apps, things become friendlier and it is comparatively less complicated so people favor this over dating websites; however, dating websites are not completely dead after the emergence of dating apps.

We see that currently, we have a lot of dating sites and apps available on the internet. This has brought a change in the social order as well. As the coming of online dating spaces somewhere commodification of the relationship is being done. But what is the real or actual pros and cons of the sites or apps in the present would be too difficult to decide as it is early to decide this.