3 thoughts on “Learning Space design presentation

  1. Thanks for having me share presentation, it’s always great to put my thoughts down! Learning space design presentation will hopefully work take shape soon!

  2. Slide 39 had some real fascinating desks. Has this school been completed? My district is in the process of building a new 4-5 building that is supposed to be modern and technologically up-to-date, but I still have my doubts. There are many options out there for reform of the traditional school setting, but they are all too often out of price range. Great post (although I am a year late)!

  3. Casey – The school I was working in did get built, but we did not go with the chairs on slide 39. We opted for the Intellect Wave chairs from KI and those have worked well. They aren’t on wheels, but do have appropriate glides on the feet to allow them to move quite easily within the classroom. I saw those wheeled chairs in action in a high school and the teachers said that some of the kids used them inappropriately and the room looked like carnival bumper cars. I’m thinking that 4th and 5th graders might get a little wild with them. Thanks for reading the post. I learned quite a bit about school and classroom design during our building process. I’m happy to have been involved with it, but don’t want to do that again for a few more years. 🙂

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