School culture from Gruenert & Whitaker

Edit from 2/25/16: Please note the correct spelling of Steve Gruenert’s name. The image above shows my misspelling of his last name.

Photo credit to the fantastic Nerissa Raschelle.

This slide is from my presentation on school culture that I facilitated at the IntegratED conference in Portland, OR in February 2015. My presentation had dozens of slides, but this quote seemed to strike a nerve with many of the attendees and those following along on Twitter. This comes from the book School Culture Rewired: How to Define, Assess, and Transform It by Steve Gruenert and Todd Whitaker. It is a terrific read that is full of useful organizational research and theory, in addition to practical steps on how to make sure your school culture is a healthy place for students, staff, and parents.

2 thoughts on “School culture from Gruenert & Whitaker

  1. I think Steve Gruenert would have liked this publicity better had his name been spelled correctly. People are recycling it all over the place with this misspelling!

  2. David – I absolutely agree. It bothers me a lot that I made the error with the spelling of his name. I changed it on my presentation soon after, but not before the photo above was shared many times. The photo wasn’t mine, so I couldn’t take that back.

    I knew the tweet with that photo had some legs in the week after it was first shared, but I had no idea how many times it would shared and reposted after that. I discovered that in early January 2016 when I did a search with the misspelled name “Gruenter.” Bothered me again that I made the original error, but then made me wonder how much people check sources before reposting/referencing themselves.

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