Khan Academy’s lab school

I saw this job posting today for elementary teachers for a lab school from the Khan Academy crew. Some educators might lead you to think that the Khan approach is a terrible thread in educational reform. While I don’t think that YouTube videos will revolutionize the American education system, videos and other online resources might be the best (or only) sources of information for students (old and young) in rural parts of our country and in other parts of the world. What stands out to me about Khan and other similar online approaches is that there is an attempt to personalize education, and that is very hard to do in our typical schools and classrooms.

I’m curious to learn more about the Khan Lab School and the approach they will take for their students and staff. I see that they aren’t requiring a teaching license (I’m a little skeptical), but do want experience in project based learning (a very good thing). I love this expectation, “Experience with or a desire to teach in a setting that values giving up control and allowing students to make mistakes and gain maturity and self motivation through independence.”

Elementary Grades Teacher | Edtech Jobs | EdSurge.

Screenshot from the Khan job posting at EdSurge.

Screenshot from the Khan job posting at EdSurge.

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