Discuss. Decide. Do.

David Culberhouse wrote a great post this week about the importance of getting past trying to be perfect in the favor of just making progress.  I agree.  Here is a snippet of what he wrote, but do go read the whole post.

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 9.56.14 AM


David’s post reminds me of something that Tyler Gayheart recently shared with me and the other doctoral students in our cohort at the University of Kentucky’s School Technology Leadership program.  His encouragement to us was “Done is better than perfect.”

“Discuss. Decide. Do.” is a phrase that I first heard from Roger Fruit, who is a friend and my school district’s Director of Curriculum and Instruction.  He shares that educators, especially administrators, are great at the first two items, but need to focus more on the doing.  Discussing and deciding don’t amount to much if they don’t lead to well-intended action.

All of this talk about moving to action reminded me of Teddy Roosevelt’s quote below, which I turned into a slide.  (I love the new Keynote for iPad!)


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