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I work with elementary students, so I don’t think a lot about teaching them appropriate social media use.  We do focus on being good citizens, in a digital and virtual sense, but few of our students even have a social media presence (other than being featured in photos of their parents’ accounts).

Now that my oldest child is off to middle school and is starting to use social media, I’m glad to know that educators are recognizing that social media use is an important part of character education for our students.  I love the discussion of disinhibition in the post linked below.  Give it a read.



“You want the kids in the homerooms to start thinking about what it means to be disinhibited,” [Ian Enriquez] says. Disinhibition, for those who might not know, means acting impulsively, without showing due restraint, in a way that’s aggressive or plays up another personality trait. The teenagers get it right away.

via Should Schools Teach Social Media Skills? | MindShift.

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