Techlandia podcast, episode 41

In the Learnist board embedded below you will find all the resources and people mentioned in the latest episode of the Techlandia Podcast that I co-host with Jon Samuelson and Alison Anderson. I’m not one to brag (a lot) about my own work, but it is pretty cool to see that our podcast is currently sitting at #1 in the K-12 Education category on Podomatic. Thanks to all of you who listen and share this cast, and know that we are very appreciative of all the top-notch people and resources in the world of education that make up the main content of Techlandia.

Book review for #worldbooktalk

Brad Gustafson is a top-notch principal in Minnesota and he has started #worldbooktalk on Twitter as a way for educators to share books that they are passionate about. You’ll find my review of the book Rework by Jason Fried and David Hannson in the video below. Thanks to the always thinking Justin Bathon for making me read this book as part of my odyssey to PhDville.

Find Brad here, and find more about #worldbooktalk here.