Failure, It’s OK

Image credit to Flickr user Tomasz Stasiuk

This morning, I was reading through Dave Guymon’s book If You Can’t Fail, It Doesn’t Count and I kept coming back to his remarks in the introduction.

If we never fail, it means that what we are doing has already been done or isn’t worth doing in the first place. If we never fail it is because we are comfortable where we are, not moving. If we never fail, it means that we don’t truly want to succeed. That might be fine for you if you are simply here to exist.

But if you are here to live with a fury, you need to fail.

I think this is a mindset educators need to embrace for this upcoming school year. We want our students to be creative and be problem solvers, so we have to do the same as teachers and leaders. This isn’t a call for being reckless; it’s a desire that we take on efforts that have the potential for significant improvements in what we learn and how we teach. If these plans don’t find perfect success, that’s OK because we learn a lot from the efforts that fall apart as we move toward our goals.

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