Silly is important for creativity

I’ve never met Dean Shareski, but I think I love him. The video below (Titled “The Stupidest Creative Act”) is another reason to appreciate all that Dean does and shares for the sake of students and educators. Well-intended risk-taking should be on your “to do” list from now on.

Two statements jump out at me from his talk. The first is, “Silly is often a wonderful place for creativity to begin.” The second one, “Adults need to have fun so children will want to grow up.” So true. Fun leads to happiness and positivity. Positive attitudes make us more effective at our work, which leads to better classrooms and success for our students.

Go buy yourself some wild pants, take silly photos, and be a top-notch educator.

It’s a fantastic 5 minutes. Do watch.

One thought on “Silly is important for creativity

  1. Curt, I couldn’t agree more. Dean spoke at our state tech conference in February and I’ve been following him ever since. 🙂

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