You are a genius

Scott Boylen shared this tweet from Angela Maiers, and I agree with Angela that this should be posted in every classroom. Not only should it be posted and discussed in classrooms, but I think it should also be displayed in our staff rooms at school. We have amazing teachers in our profession, and they need these reminders about how amazing they are. There’s been a lot of teacher bashing and wage slashing in the past couple years, and it’s our job as school leaders to encourage and support our teachers. This is the time when we need to encourage meaningful contributions from our students and teachers. Carefully toeing the line isn’t going to meet the needs of our kids. Well-intended risk-taking can result in amazing changes for schools and students.

2 thoughts on “You are a genius

  1. No joke, Curt: The single greatest step that principals can take to keep teachers motivated and engaged is to constantly remind them that their contributions — whether they are measured by the wankers in the state legislature or not — matter.

    As a teacher, I have never felt more discouraged and defeated than I do right now. Not only do I feel the abuse cast at us from the outside, I feel the pressure of trying to do WAY more with less on the inside.

    The most important leadership trait in that kind of climate is to be an encourager — and I’m not sure all school leaders recognize that.

    Hope you’re well,

  2. Thanks for the comment Bill. I recognize that an important role I play as a school principal is the encourager of my staff. I feel like I am an encouraging person, but I’m going to turn that up a notch this coming school year. The 2012-13 school year won’t go down in the books as one of our best ever due to big curricular changes and the continuing blowback from state politics that undermine careers and progress in education.

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