Beck channels Bowie on the Tactilize app

[First off, thanks to the dapper Darren Hudgins for sharing this with me.]

I love great music, Beck, and David Bowie. Combine all of three of those things on a very cool iPad app (Tactilize), and you have the video below. The sound on the video is rich and beautiful so use your GOOD headphones, not the cheap earbuds you swiped off your last Southwest Airlines flight.

I’ve only started to investigate Tactilize, but there is some really great content to see/hear. I especially like the chronologic cover of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.” But Tactilize has more than music to offer. You can find photos, news articles, student reports, etc. Tune the content in your feed by adjusting who you follow. There are over 1200 cards in the education category, 1100+ in design, 400+ in design. Plenty of content to keep you informed, amused, and entertained.

Tactilize also allows you to create content to share with others. Think of it as a very cool and easy to use version of HyperCard. You can embed videos, add photos, include text, etc. If you have content that you would like to organize and share in a fun and interesting way, Tactilize looks like a great option for you.

So put Tactilize on your iPad and you’ll feel smarter and cooler. 😉

Designed on Tactilize (view online)

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