More thoughts on McLeod’s guiding questions for schools

Dr. Scott McLeod wrote this post earlier this fall about guiding questions that education stakeholders should have in mind when considering the work of schools. I think we all recognize that our system of education is in a state of flux right now, so what should we be thinking about as we make changes to our schools?

In a graduate class I’m taking through the University of Kentucky, my classmates and I examined these guiding questions and were then prompted to add any additional thoughts through the use of a short video. I’m an elementary school principal and like to frequently look at the world through the lens of my students, so I posed some of these guiding questions to my own kids who are ages 6 and 10. The video below captures what they think about learning in and out of school.

2 thoughts on “More thoughts on McLeod’s guiding questions for schools

  1. Seth Godin, APA, “I play tornado videos.” This video rocks! I nominate it for an Oscar for Best Short Film!

  2. Thanks for the comment Scott. The kids and I had a lot of fun making the video. Plus, it was very insightful for me to hear their thoughts on the topics that I’m currently digging into.

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