The Future of Learning, Networked Society

I have to admit that the first time I saw this video I had a small pout session because I was in an anti Seth Godin frame of mind. I had been overwhelmed with a teacher-bashing conversation with lots of Godin’s thoughts from Stop Stealing Dreams being thrown about. However, after cleansing my mental palate and seeing it shared by Dana Watts, I watched this video again and am very glad I did. It is well produced and the ideas that are shared are key for what students are going to need to be able to do to find success in our quickly changing connected world.

Schools do need to change, but they can’t easily do so on their own as they are often a reflection of what their communities want for their students. It seems like public schools are stuck right now in a battle between “I want school to look like what it did when I was a kid” and “My kids are being stifled by school.”

2 thoughts on “The Future of Learning, Networked Society

  1. “Why school? “Stop stealing dreams.” “Killing Creativity.” “School is unnecessary.” “It’s not the tests. It’s Us.” You, again, have hit on a nerve. I can only describe it as disheartening.
    I feel like the disconnect between our immediate tasks (CCSS, RtI, InTASC-based evaluation, PBIS) and what we are reading is getting more expansive, and I’m not sure who among us can be considered far-reaching. Is it the CCSSO? Are the educational pundits? Are the reforms currently at play going to continue to steal dreams, kill creativity, question the necessity of school, and underscore our teetering irrelevance?

  2. Thanks for the comment Brad. I really enjoyed your last post about all the almighty acronyms that are ruling our lives right now. Seems like we are trying to tweak and standardize our way to greatness. I’m just waiting for a district to proclaim, “Screw all this nonsense. We are going to do our own thing, the right thing, and do it incredibly well!” All it would take is a school board and superintendent who are tired of these hoops. The lion must be ready to bite the tamer in the circus.

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