Camp Invention

My 9-year-old son just spent the week at Camp Invention, which is a nationally syndicated program focusing on hands-on science, creativity, and problem solving. I was worried he wouldn’t be excited to jump back into learning mode since he just finished school last week. I was wrong. He had read the camp flyer and was up bright and shiny the first day of camp. Gav was thrilled to get there each of the 5 mornings of the camp, and would talk non-stop at the end of the day when I picked him up. I’m not sure how many creations he made during the week, but the prized possessions he brought home were a crossbow and a blowdart gun. (What is it with weapons and little boys?) I know that he had a blast, but I also know that the teachers in the program really enjoyed it as well. If you see it offered in your area, I’d highly recommend that you send your own kids or teach yourself. If you don’t have one close to you, maybe you might consider hosting the event yourself.

Cool video from Camp Invention at Wisconsin Rapids

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