The kissing spot

My favorite spot to kiss you while you sleep is your temple where tousled hair meets tender skin. Curled among the babies and blankies on your bed, your sweet kissing spot tastes of sleepy perspiration and berry scented shampoo. It is 10 p.m. Saturday night, but your 6-year-old body has been retired for hours. A day of giggles, “doing art,” tantrums, and dancing has earned you this sweaty respite. You mumble and moan due to a dream whose storyline is unknown to me. I wish I knew what made you stir so fitfully, but I don’t wake you to ask. After a few moments your body and mind are at peaceful rest again. I linger on the edge of your bed to listen to your tender breathing and watch your chest rise and fall. I make sure the faded nigh-nigh blanket is secure in your grasp before the kissing spot receives one last contribution. Good night sweet girl.

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