It’s made of people! People!!!

I’ve had a couple of different Twitter accounts over the past 3ish years and I’ve never learned a single thing from Twitter. Millions of tweets get spewed out each day and I don’t learn anything from this pervasive networking service that started back in 2006.

“What!?! The WiscPrincipal dude who seems to spend way too much time on his computer and has over 6000 tweets himself, disses Twitter? Is this his Fonzi jumps the shark moment to get more attention?”

No. I don’t hate Twitter. I love what I’ve learned through Twitter. I love what I’ve gained from the people I follow and those who follow me. I have met (virtual and actual meetings) countless brilliant passionate educators thanks to Twitter. But Twitter doesn’t do anything other than connect people.

The power of Twitter and all other social media services…??? It’s people, it’s made of people! Don’t forget what makes this whole thing work for educators. Social Media is the connector that enables you to interact with other impassioned and engaged educators. You have the ability to connect with people in your own school and community, but the vast connectivity afforded by social media allows that amount to expand exponentially to reach across time (you don’t have to interact live) and around the world.

iPads and Twitter accounts won’t save education and lead to a more learned world culture. Real live human beings do that. You’re one of them and you are doing it right now. So go share something good and help make the world a better place.

As always, my hats off to John Pederson for leading the “people not tools” chant. Check out his Shifted Learning podcasts with Julia Fallon for some fantastic brain bending conversations with some really interesting and smart people.

For those of you who understand the video clip, you are my kind of people.

2 thoughts on “It’s made of people! People!!!

  1. This is spot on, Curt. Google still builds buildings and values social fabric, apps don’t put band-aides on scraped knees or wipe tears away with a hug, and Call-of-Duty multiplayer mode can’t replace the spirit that arises out of co-curricular activities (see the Sun Prairie Lip Dub). Innovation lives within people, and people are the solution, which begs the question whether Wisconsin is treating people fairly enough to know that fact.

    Technology and meaningful technology integration will amplify and extend our influence, but it will not replace that which results from caring educators or thoughtful schools.

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