More Digital Learning Day

Here are some photos from Digital Learning Day at my school. Deep thoughts (deep for me anyway) below the slideshow.

What I realized as I walked through my school on DLD, was how well my staff used all these tech tools to support our established school priorities. I didn’t see anything that looked contrived or non-educational (like an Angry Bird Tournament). Kids and teachers were using the tools (laptops, iPads, cameras, etc.) to support and enhance their normal important tasks for teaching and learning. We would never plan a classroom activity just to say, “Hey, we are using scissors!” We would also hope something similar for the messages that kids relay to their parents. I know they don’t say “I used a pencil” when asked by Mom and Dad about what they did at school that day. They talk about what they did with that pencil. The same should eventually hold true for any new learning tool we get. The focus is on the task and not on the tool.

[However, I do have to admit my own eagerness and play time when I get some new gadget! Also, I have strained eyes and a sore neck from many hours of bird launching.]

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