Read along with me on — Education Nation by Milton Chen

A group of my grad students read and presented a variety of different ed tech books and from them I learned about the site,, and also the book Education Nation by Milton Chen. Linoit is a great site to collect notes and thoughts on a particular theme and then organize them as you go along on your project. It is a virtual bulletin board that allows you to post stickies, links, photos, videos, etc. The link below will take you to my Linoit canvas (their term for page or board) for the book Education Nation. There are many ways to use Linoit (I’m a newbie myself, just learning as I go) but you can see how I’m storing thoughts and resources related to the Chen book. The settings on this particular canvas are such that I’m the only editor of the canvas, but you can change the settings to allow others to contribute to it.

Here is the link for my Linoit canvas on Education Nation.

Linoit is a very useful site and Education Nation is a good read for those of you interested in big picture education reform. Please investigate them both.

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