Casual Pepper Spraying Cop

Yes, I was offended by the UC-Davis policeman who used pepper spray to try and disband a peaceful group of Occupy protesters, but I’m frequently amused by internet memes that pop up so quickly after news events. The Casual Pepper Spraying Cop is the newest net meme to cause me to chuckle. Attacks on Tim Tebow, Yoda, and the Beatles are humorous, but seeing all these other altered images really makes you think about the comparisons you could make with the Occupy protesters and other events in US and World History. Below are some of the images I found amusing and moving. A quick image search on Google will lead you to others you might use with your students.

Real image from the November 18 event at the UC-Davis campus

Silly cop, pepper spray won't stop Tebow

Inspiration for Sgt. Pepper?

This image would make for great discussion with a high school current events class. Wouldn't the Founding Fathers be considered protesters?

Is quelling free speech just as offensive as flag burning?

Nelson Mandela, the ultimate protester

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