Parent-Janitor conferences and the importance of school/home communication

For parents who really take the education of their child seriously…

The cartoon above is from Alexander Russo’s blog ‘This Week In Education.’

Some educators complain about the so-called “helicopter parents,” but I’d rather have an over-informed and over-involved parent than someone who has no knowledge whatsoever about how their child is doing at school. We have students for 7 hours a day at school. Mom and Dad (or other important people at home) are in charge for the other 17 hours. That bridge between home and school is so important, and there needs to be a strong link of communication between the two places to share all the news (the good, the bad, and the ugly) about the education of the child. To me that link needs to be primarily established and maintained by those of us at school. Parents and teachers should be in contact at least weekly, no matter the form of communication. A teacher should find out at the beginning of the year how to best contact each parent in their class, establish that method, and then follow through on a regular schedule so parents learn to expect these communiques.

As a parent, it’s not intimidating to receive the weekly update from your child’s teachers, but it can be very unnerving to only hear from the teacher when there are issues and problems with your child. I’m a parent of two young children myself and know that each day won’t be perfect for them. I learn a lot about my kids every day, and I learn even more when they have struggles and face obstacles. I greatly appreciate the times when their teachers have sent an email or note or picked up the phone to share one of those “I thought you’d want to know…” pieces of information. As a principal, I’ve never had a parent tell me, “You know, your staff tells me way too much about my child.” As long as we are truthful and sincere, I don’t think we ever will.

I’ve never had a meeting with the custodial staff of my kids’ schools, but maybe I’ll give them a call tomorrow… 😉

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  1. Nice post!The information is pointing about Education of children.There must be a mutual contact between the teachers and parents to know about the children’s behavior which makes their children to have a bright future.

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