Diane Ravitch is the Chuck Norris of Education

I love Diane Ravitch because of her passion for education and her belief in giving every kid in our country a chance to learn and be successful in their life. Adding a twist to the Chuck Norris meme, I present to you the following feats of Diane Ravitch. Please comment to add your own.

When Arne Duncan goes to bed at night. He doesn’t check the closet for the boogey man. He checks it for Diane Ravitch.

Diane Ravitch can score a 39 on the ACT.

Diane Ravitch was once upset with Canada. They renamed it “A Nation At Risk.”

When Diane Ravitch picks up a No. 2 pencil, it instantly becomes a No. 1.

Diane Ravitch can win a game of Scrabble using only numbers.

Diane Ravitch has counted to infinity, twice.

Diane Ravitch knows the other word for Thesaurus.

Diane Ravitch taught George to be curious.

Diane Ravitch uses the white crayon.

They found Diane Ravitch’s diary once. They now call it the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Diane Ravitch knows where Carmen San Diego is.

Diane Ravitch leaves no child behind. She’s created her own system of educational gravity and pulls them all with her.

For Diane Ravitch, AYP = Astronomical Yearly Progress

Diane Ravitch doesn’t Race to the Top. The Top races to her.

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