Billionaires for Educational Reform

Billionaires for Educational Reform | Finally, the reformers speak loud and clear.

This faux blog is just plain funny.  Sadly it is also quite true.  Why does big business want their hand in education reform?  Are we not producing enough non-thinking clones for their corporate machines?  I thought we need creative thinkers/workers to lead us into the future, but billionaire reformers seem to want to judge all schools, principals, and teachers strictly by scores on bubble-sheeted tests.

Steve Nelson: The Disservice of a ‘Rigorous’ Education

Steve Nelson: The Disservice of a ‘Rigorous’ Education.

I love Nelson’s quote from this article, “It’s heartbreaking to hear administrators and politicians talk about children as raw material to be crafted into productive cogs in the global economy.”

Since when is the economy and money the only measure of success in the world? I know several rich people who are miserable.  I don’t want that life for me and certainly not for my kids.  Blah.

Here I am world. Ignore me gently.

Just got back from Wisconsin’s SLATE conference and my brain is quite full.  I enjoyed being around so many other educators who want to see better schools and ideas for our students.  Went to several different sessions and heard many great ideas and suggestions, and am excited to start rolling over the elephant and get some of these ideas underway.

We left a bit early from the conference due to the blizzard and my colleague needing to be back for his music concert, so I returned to my school at about 2 p.m.  No one seemed to really want to hear about how I am going to single-handedly save education with my newfound knowledge of networked learning, social media, and 21st century skills.  As soon as I walked in the door I got to hear about a subpar substitute, 5th grade wrestlemania on the playground in the newly fallen snow, another kid who “accidentally” elbowed someone in the gut, and other bummers.  I’ll try again tomorrow to change the world.